Chamberlain Bridge - 93 Canoe Miles which is approximately a 7 day trip.
Churchill Dam - 62 Canoe Miles which is approximately 4 or 5 days. You need experience in White Water canoeing to do the Chase Rapids. (Class11). If in doubt, the Ranger will transport you around the rapids. Most people have their gear transported. The fee is $10.00 per group. You need to be at Pelletier's Campground no later than 7:00 p.m the night before your trip (unless other arrangements are made). We will discuss the trip with the map and choose rental equipment if needed. There are still many things to take care of the morning of your trip. An early departure is a must. We need to leave no later than 6:30 a.m. to be on time for the water release. The same routine applies for any other early departure trips.
Umsaskis Bridge - 53 Canoe Miles and a 3 day trip. Be careful at Long Lake Dam for spikes. Carry around at this point. If you do not carry at this point, and there is any damage to the canoe, you will be responsible for any repair expenses incurred.  Also, if the damaged canoe must be replaced, you will also be responsible for replacement costs.home1

Round Pond Bridge - 32 Canoe Miles and a 2 day trip.

Michaud Farm - 17 Canoe miles. Watch out 3 miles down the river for Allagash Falls. Carry 1/4 mile around at this point. Note: An extra day might be needed depending on weather conditions.

If you decide to land at Allagash Village, vehicles are now being parked 1/4 of a mile upriver from the bridge at Debbie's house. Whitebirch landing sign. River left. Light brown house with white trim and a black tin roof with two weather vanes. A woman, the the land owner, will be there to charge you $3.00 per car per night. She will also give you permission to use her phone to call me.

Many people end their trips at Allagash Village. Pelletier's Campground is 10 miles further down river. (Referring to St. John River after Allagash Village.) The water level gets low after the end of June. If you have 1/2 day to spare and the water level is good, this is a nice trip. (Especially after a rainfall.) there are 3 tables with shelters on the right, one mile past Rankin Rapids on right bank. Look for red barrels as a landmark.

When going to Chamberlain or Churchill Dam with your own vehicle, get off the turnpike at Millinocket - Medway Exit 244. Go through the town of Millinocket. Pass the Heritage Motel and McDonalds. Take a right. Head towards the Trading Post. (Baxter State Park Sign) After this, you will come to a gate where you have to pay to use the road. (Trucks have the right of way on these roads so ask questions at the gate.) Take the "Golden Road" and head towards Telos. (This is a nice graveled road.) To come to Pelletier's Campground, take exit 264 at Sherman Station, head North on Route 11, (Ashland, Eagle Lake, and Fort Kent). After Fort Kent, head North 16 miles on Rt. 161 to St. Francis.

Note: Keys for vehicles must be sent so I will receive them before you arrive. Duplicate keys should be tried before being sent to us.

We would also need a description of the vehicle and the license plate number and your best telephone number. Also any other information regarding the vehicle which would be of importance.

white birch landing

Norm's still at it after all these years.  (White Birch Landing)