Allagash Waterway Trips

  • Allagash Lake (Johnson's Pond) Triptrips1
  • Chamberlain Bridge Trip
  • Chamberlain To Allagash Trip
  • Churchill Dam Trip
  • Churchill to Allagash Trip
  • Umsaskis Trip
  • Umsaskis to Allagash Trip


  • Rates are available for up to group of 4 (More than 4 - rates vary)
  • We offer competitive rates and are fully insured with dependable drivers.
  • We offer transportation on St. John and St. Francis Rivers in the Spring.
  • Canoe rental available (Old Town ABS) (Includes paddles and life vests).
  • We rent 17 foot, 18 foot, 18 1/2 foot and 20 foot canoes.  We rent Loon 13 feet 8 inch solo kayaks.  This model is discontinued.  Call or write for information.  We also rent Old Town 13 foot Next model as a solo canoe.  A kayak paddle may be used for this canoe.  Call or write for information.
  • Canoe sales available (Competitive Rates).
  • Campground facilities available.
  • Rooms available to rent with fully furnished kitchen..

When writing to me, please leave me your phone number and the date you plan to start and finish your trip. Call me one one week in advance during the evenings.

Payment for my services can be made either by check or cash.

Guide services also available.

Explanation of Servicestrips2

Options for Transportation

  1. Come to Pelletier's Campground in St. Francis. Leave vehicles in my parking lot. I am fully insured. I would transport you with my trucks to your starting point. Campground or motel available for overnight stay.
  2. You can drive yourselves to your starting point. We will then shuttle you vehicles back to Pelletier's Campground. Canoes can be delivered at no charge. If you wish to have your car parked at Allagash instead of at Pelletier's Campground, we will also do so at no charge.
  3. You can drive yourselves to your starting point. At the end of your canoe trip, just give me a call. Within a half hour, I will have my truck pick you up. We will transport you back to your vehicles where you started.
  4. If you have any other option you may wish to use, just let me know. We will serve you as we would want to be served.